Geo – caching, our unknown adventure

A few weeks ago we had a whole day coming up with no work, school, social events or sporting activities. The weather was due to be good for the majority of this day so we wanted to get outdoors (After what has felt like a long Florida winter!) Being one of the 1st hot daysContinue reading “Geo – caching, our unknown adventure”

Fundraising Fun!

I’ve wrote about Poppy our eldest child before . This blog is essentially about her too. When you have a child with special needs, a condition, a syndrome or an illness it can turn your life upside down. Rob and I knew no different, Poppy was our first and what we thought “difficult” baby.Continue reading “Fundraising Fun!”

#Bridesquad – My how to!

The trip to Birmingham is done, I’ve got the jetlag eyebags to prove it! So that means my bestie is now a Mrs and I spent the day being her wonderful bridesmaid 🙂 along with 2 equally amazing ladies! My bridesmaid journey with Emma started before I’d even left to live in Florida. Visiting weddingContinue reading “#Bridesquad – My how to!”

Being a Brummie, my week so far

I’ve spent 3 whole days back in Birmingham and I already feel myself changing. I greeted my bestie (Who I’ve not seen since July 2017) in the middle of Primark underwear section with “Alright Bird” to which she replied “How am ya?” 😂 I’ve got used to hearing “Hey girl” over in Florida. So quicklyContinue reading “Being a Brummie, my week so far”