The Big Trip

I’ve been banging on about my trip back to the Birmingham for months now and today is finally the day!

I’ve had very mixed emotions about leaving. Obviously mega excited to not only see my family and besties but I actually get to help my oldest friend walk down the aisle and marry her fella, at last!

Then there’s the feeling of leaving behind the kids and Rob. Of course I’ll miss them immensely but its also the fact I am a control freak. I’m having to let go of them and hope their world continues as normal. Simple things, will they have the right school books, enough outdoor time, too much tablet time?? Being a stay at home mom I’ve controlled what they do or don’t do for years now. Like running a small sometimes manic business 😂

But don’t worry I haven’t left them to muddle through, oh no no no. Rob and his mum (who kindly booked her annual visit to coincide with my holiday) have a manual. Raising little Hills. A full schedule and info pack, including Teddy info!

Will they read it?? Who knows. Fingers crossed someone, even if its Izzy may glance at it just so they know at least after school activities and pick ups. I have also stuck post it reminders around the house 😁

I do know my kids will be well loved, thoroughly exhausted from role playing and will have full bellies. So I am going to try and let them be. I’ll enjoy myself whilst they get to see a bit more of daddy and having nanny Jen for company.

I’m sat at Jacksonville airport writing this and it’s dawned on me I won’t have anyone to talk to for almost a whole day. Such a strange feeling! As I sit here I see people mingling and hear conversations. When you travel with 3 kids you see & hear nothing outside your bubble. Too busy watching & entertaining kids to care what’s going on around you.

I’m going to take the time to sit and relax while I can. Lots of catching up to do in Birmingham and fun with friends then before I know it I’ll be back in the chaos with Rob and our kids ❤

Stay tuned for more Brummie blogs when I land.

2 thoughts on “The Big Trip

  1. Hahaha, loves this! So true about not taking anything in when you travel with kids (& wishing you could just magic somewhere without all the trouble ) hope you’ve enjoyed your flight, the weather is horrible it hasn’t stopped raining all day !!! Enjoy the wedding xxx


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