Being a Brummie, my week so far

I’ve spent 3 whole days back in Birmingham and I already feel myself changing.

I greeted my bestie (Who I’ve not seen since July 2017) in the middle of Primark underwear section with “Alright Bird” to which she replied “How am ya?” 😂 I’ve got used to hearing “Hey girl” over in Florida. So quickly I slipped back to my old ways!

I’ve had about 12 cups of tea , ready for my 2nd Greggs lunch, chippy dinner, a curry, visited 4 pubs, drank pints of lager and some pink gin. Only worked out 2 hours as opposed to my usual 6/7 a week, my feet have been trapped inside actual shoes everyday and I’ve worn 4 jumpers so far!

I’ve actually been pretty lucky with the weather the sun has been shining and temperatures haven’t been too bad. Spent some time with my littlest niece in the park, its rare I get her to myself since my 3 usually bring her into their gang!

I got the bus and walked round Birmingham like a tourist then went to John Lewis for free makeovers 😀

Squeezed in a trip to my parents old neighbourhood to meet my uncle AKA Arthur Shelby for you peaky blinders fans!

Today I’m heading down to the local High street for a browse and treating myself to gel nails with my mum. Hoping it stays mild for the wedding Sunday so I’m not shivering in pictures!

Being here without my hubby and kids is hard. I miss them and I’m constantly wondering what they’re doing and waiting for the time zone to catch up so I’m able to call or message them. What it has done though is allow me time with my family and friends where I’m not distracted by what the kids are doing. I’m grateful for the time and knowing they will all be here in December enjoying their family time too makes me happy.

We’ve had some good video calls though 😂

Next blog will be the wedding weekend!

One thought on “Being a Brummie, my week so far

  1. Aww, this is so lovely! Glad your enjoying your time with family & friends! Enjoy the wedding & fingers crossed for a sunny day!
    Great pics all love the clown one 😂 xx


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