#Bridesquad – My how to!

The trip to Birmingham is done, I’ve got the jetlag eyebags to prove it! So that means my bestie is now a Mrs and I spent the day being her wonderful bridesmaid πŸ™‚ along with 2 equally amazing ladies!

My bridesmaid journey with Emma started before I’d even left to live in Florida. Visiting wedding shows and venues. When I left I promised to carry on helping and of course be there on the day.

Through messages and video calls the 4 of us in the ‘bride squad’ helped with dates, function rooms, menus, table decor, dresses, make up, hair, suits, music ….. and we had an indecisive bride!

The only thing I really missed out on was the hen party. Which I was gutted about but moving away you know they’ll be things you can’t do.

The few days leading up to the wedding I was in Birmingham so able to be more hands on with the help. Had a lovely make over at Estee Lauder to choose foundation and did some underwear shopping in Primark!

Then the night before was setting up the venue. Ceremony room, wedding breakfast and night time reception all sorted by the bride squad.

By the night before the wedding the bridesmaid role changes to one of excitement and support. Get the bride to bed full and happy, get her up with bubbles and in our case a full English breakfast! After hair and make up the dress is an important job. Getting it on, zipped and sat right. Then the veil.

This job continues all day. I was picking leaves and ladybirds off the dress during picture time and constantly fanning out that train and straightening the veil!

During the day bridesmaids not only keep an eye on their bride making sure she still looks amazing, they have to be aware of what’s going on around the venue and with other guests. Be sociable & chat to others in the wedding party, check up on the parents and kids. Be the first to clap at speeches, in our case first to get up and dance with the singing waiter! Generally lead the way for the rest of the wedding party.

I am so so pleased I was able to be there for the wedding. Everyone looked amazing and the day was so fun!

I most definitely have to thank the hubby for that because not only did he finance it, he stayed behind to watch the kids. Thanks to Robs mom too who organised her trip to be around to help with the kids.

So I’ll leave you with my top bridesmaid tips, since I think we did a pretty good job of being ‘maids’ for the day:

  • Do as your bride tells you πŸ™‚
  • Give an opinion when requested, but, think about the answer the bride would like to hear
  • Answer all messages for help in a timely manner
  • Be as enthusiastic as your bride, about everything – including the size & colour of pumpkins πŸ˜‰
  • Embrace their planning style. Important decision making the day before isn’t for everyone but if it works for your bride, go with it
  • On the day expect to walk a lot, miles maybe
  • Rally guests to smile during photo time
  • Remember you are representing your bride, look good, smile and chat to guests
  • Feel free to start the consumption of food and alcohol at the wedding breakfast
  • Enthusiastic cheering for all speeches, especially when the bride is mentioned
  • Spend time searching for guest items, drinks, bags, trading cards
  • Use the dancefloor, don’t let it be empty!
  • Drama? What drama?
  • Most importantly have fun with your bride and fellow maids. Your a team for a reason

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