Turkey Day

Hi, I have to blog about Thanksgiving now I’m living in the US! Its the start of the holiday season here.

Living in the UK I didn’t know much about thanksgiving. I’ve been in New York on the day, watched the Macys parade and shopped the black Friday deals. I didn’t take in much about the meaning, traditions or the food though.

My education on thanksgiving has come through Izzy and what she has learnt at school (honestly so far most of my American learning is through Izzy so primary school level!)

What Izzy and google didn’t teach me though is how everyone loves to celebrate Thanksgiving. The last 2 years we have spent the day with friends who have hosted and cooked for us. There’s no better way to spend an American holiday than being immersed in it with friends! So much food, drink and fun both years.

People travel for hours in the car or plane to be with family for Thanksgiving. It really is a holiday where everyone wants to be together. Friendsgiving is real here too, when you don’t have family you can be with, head to friends instead. They’re your chosen family anyway!

This year we are doing our own Thanksgiving! We’ve been invited to friends but I feel we’ve been so busy recently with me starting work, my trip to England and visitors we wanted to chill and be together. (Edit to add its been 5.5 hours of together and the kids driving me mad 😂)

I started off thinking we’d just have a normal day maybe chicken nuggets for the kids dinner but as I thought about it more I realised I have to do Thanksgiving. Our kids are English but they live in the US and enjoy being involved in all the events and traditions. I could hardly send them back to school Monday without having any Thanksgiving stories.

So I last minute prepped a menu and shopping list. There is no thanksgiving traditional meal in England so I am going American style. Cooking food that is not my norm including adding condensed soups to vegetables.

I enjoyed the meal prep the day before. Its fun to try something new. Then went off to work Thanksgiving eve. With a steady flow of wine buyers and lots of happy Thanksgiving wishes. We even prepped for the black friday wine blowout – will be my first black friday here not getting up at 3am to shop! I’ll be the other side this year and selling. Although I’m sure my credit card will get used still, the wine is tempting!

Appetizers and dinner went well! My pink bubbles helped the cooking process. Even the kids had red grape bubbles. Poppy apparently got drunk 🤣 The food although good isn’t really to our taste but I’m pleased I did a traditional dinner for the kids.

To end our Turkey day we headed out for a walk with Teddy. Let the kids run off some energy and get some fresh air.

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