Halloween!! 🎃

Now I can’t live in America and not include a blog about Halloween on my stateside page! It is the beginning of the fun holiday season here. (My satellite radio has started christmas stations today – 1st Nov!) The majority of October is all about fall and halloween. Especially the last week where there areContinue reading “Halloween!! 🎃”

Day in the life of….

Its been a month now since all the children started full time school and people often ask me what I’m doing with myself ? Well, I’m a routine person so after leaving the loose routine of our #12weeksofsummer I found myself carving out a new routine just for me – Monday to Friday 8.30 tillContinue reading “Day in the life of….”

Shopping – Filling a home U.S style

Before we left for Florida we had pretty much our whole house packed up and put on a ship to Jacksonville. All the furnishings and decor Rob and I had built up over our last 2 homes together. We started the process of choosing a home relatively quickly and within a few weeks had anContinue reading “Shopping – Filling a home U.S style”