In England Valentine’s is a couple’s celebration. It’s not a holiday that traditionally involves the whole family. I certainly didn’t make a big deal of it with our kids anyway. Rob and I are not a big showy couple either though, a simple card and gift would be exchanged and we’d often chose a meal at home (Rob being the chef) over a restaurant.

The emphasis on couples with this holiday left me stressed and anxious through my teenage years. Would I get a card? Who from? Would my friends get cards? I did always get a card by the way, from my 1st love – my dad – every year ❀

Now over here Valentine’s is a big deal for the whole family, friends and neighbors. A day to show everyone they are loved and appreciated not just your partner. Hopefully this will make the kids teenage years a little easier!

It seems a big deal in England with cards, flowers, teddys and chocolates in every shop from January onwards. I’m here to tell you it’s nothing in comparison to the US!

Merchandise is out whilst Christmas is still being packed away. Lots and lots of merchandise!

Since moving over here we have started celebrating Valentine’s with the children. Honestly it feels like an unnecessary celebration but we can’t let our kids feel as though they’ve had no attention or acknowledgement from their parents. So although obviously we show them love all year long Valentine’s we go a little OTT for them.

$ tree (shop) for the win with this. Lots of little gifts the kids will love and doesn’t break the bank for me!

It’s tradition here to also exchange cards and token gifts with school friends. We were 1st tasked back in Feb 2017 to create boxes for the kids to take to school (to collect gifts) along with a gift for each child in their class. I’m not a pinterest mom (unless you count my fails πŸ˜‚) so we do basic!

But as you can see they are generally done by the kids and they are always very proud of them!

The excitement after the annual school gift exchange is real! No tears that so and so got something and they didn’t – it’s everyone or no one! The kids like to sort through and look at each others goodies straight after school.

The Valentine’s stash gets us through until Easter at least, okay Halloween πŸ˜‚ My poor sweet deprived kids!

Happy Valentine’s to you all ❀

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