9 months out….

Elliott is 9 months old today. I’ve carried him outside for the same amount of time I grew and carried him inside. If I think back 18 months to when we found out I was pregnant it seems so strange that I wasn’t instantly happy and ready for this new little human. A woman’s hormonesContinue reading “9 months out….”

Back to School 2019

8.26am Tuesday morning sat on the sofa just me & Teddy. No children around means 1 thing – school is back in session!! 12 weeks in the Florida heat is rough. This was our 4th summer break since moving stateside and it doesn’t get any easier. This summer will be remembered for the bickering 🤣Continue reading “Back to School 2019”

The American labour & delivery ward, 1st impressions

I’m going to start with this bombshell – NO gas & air!!! I need all the shocked and confused emojis right now! 🤯😲😮😱😕 Rob and I visited the hospital where I have chosen to deliver baby 4. We went for a tour of the ward and to register for the birth. We started with formsContinue reading “The American labour & delivery ward, 1st impressions”

Diary of a Les Mills 1st time Trainee

My preparation for les mills tone instructor training is complete! I’ve spent 2 weeks learning my assigned tracks and replaced many of my usual gym classes with run throughs of the whole workout. My bedroom has become a studio – I’ve taught the kids and even Teddy how to execute some amazing choreography. My snacksContinue reading “Diary of a Les Mills 1st time Trainee”

Meeting Our PPP Family

Spring 2015 a letter arrives through our door. It tells us Poppy our eldest daughter, has an extremely rare genetic mutation. What the experts think is the reason for her development difficulties. This was 2.5 years after submitting her blood samples to a study looking at children with an undiagnosed developmental problem. She was oneContinue reading “Meeting Our PPP Family”