Back to School 2019

8.26am Tuesday morning sat on the sofa just me & Teddy. No children around means 1 thing - school is back in session!! 12 weeks in the Florida heat is rough. This was our 4th summer break since moving stateside and it doesn't get any easier. This summer will be remembered for the bickering 🤣 … Continue reading Back to School 2019


Our 3 week England trip began 16th December 2018. We were travelling back to the UK to renew our current immigration visas. The kids schools longest break is the summer and by then the visas would have expired, so the Christmas break was the next best time to go, even though we were fully expecting … Continue reading England


I've had a bad day with Poppy today. A sentence I've been using for the last few weeks, months, years. Through the newborn feeding, the toddler tantrums and still now at 9 years old. I mentioned when I introduced our kids that I would write about Poppy and today feels like the right day. Poppy … Continue reading Poppy