I’m Back!

So it’s been a while since I last blogged! The holiday season here in the US kept me busy for a good while and I started a new job!

I’m happy to say I have a cozy job round the corner in the Noc at a wine market and tasting room. I know many of you will be reading that and knowing how well suited I am to a job that involves wine πŸ˜„

The job is more than serving wine though, it’s about being part of a team, building relationships with guests, building my knowledge of wines and getting some time off from the kids 🀣 with the added bonus I can now afford to get my nails done on a regular basis again, yay!

Queue new Hill household routine. I love a good routine and I also even enjoy organising and planning the new routine πŸ˜€ Allocating days for laundry, food shop, cleaning and factoring in extra curricular activities, work, socialising and family time. The 1st few weeks are always hard to get into though, then throw in halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas with all the extra volunteering and commitments. Follow that up with a 3 week trip back to the UK and my poor blog got left behind.

Happy to say my routine is now under control (touch wood!) We are all working together to be a two parent working household. Showing the kids the benefits of mommy working has played a big part in the easy transition of spending solo time with daddy. We try on weekends to treat the kids to a meal or snack out, a new toy or game occassionally. The girls are cheerleading thanks to my wages and now Leo can also finally do an activity too, baseball (He’s eagerly waiting to start this next week!)

Since my work is evenings Rob and I are not with each other as much. Rather than this being a problem though it’s turned out to be a positive. The evenings I’m home are spent actually being with each other instead of absent mindedly scanning instagram and playing silly phone games on the sofa. A nice perk of the job is getting to enjoy a good bottle of wine together!

So I’m going to get the blog, instagram and facebook active again with a few things to look forward to in the coming months….

England trip recap

Valentines US style

Spartan! I crazily signed up for a spartan sprint – 5k with obstacles. Happening Feb 24th

Poppy’s birthday March 6th

Family trip to the California mountains in March

The PPP2r5d family conference in San Francisco also March

Happy reading and don’t forget to comment any feedback please!

4 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Great to have the blog back, I’m a big fan!!!
    Try & vlog pls πŸ’–
    Good luck Leo with baseball!
    Hope the girls are enjoying cheerleading.
    Glad home & work life are going well for you all (job sounds fab)
    Can’t wait for the next blog!
    Take care all xx


  2. Can’t believe you love routine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you are probably the most organised person I know. Glad to see the blog back lots of love
    Val Sutton xxxx

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