Geo – caching, our unknown adventure

A few weeks ago we had a whole day coming up with no work, school, social events or sporting activities. The weather was due to be good for the majority of this day so we wanted to get outdoors (After what has felt like a long Florida winter!)

Being one of the 1st hot days of the season we figured the normal sun spots would be crowded so I took to google to figure out a fun activity.

I came across geo caching as free family fun. Sounded perfect, if a little geeky. The kids confirmed they would love to do this after all 3 of them had apparently watched some kids doing it on kidsyoutube.

To start there is an app available to download that is pretty straight forward.

You can either use current location or search an area you’d like to explore. I looked down the east coast from the comfort of my sofa to choose an interesting route.

In the morning we packed a picnic and the kids all got note books to record their geocache findings. A 25 minute drive led us to our 1st planned cache.

Each cache has a location that you can navigate to via Google maps straight from the app. When you get closer you can navigate from the app to within a few feet.

Once your near the location click on the cache name.

From here you can read a description of the cache and also a ‘Hint’ if you need an extra clue to the location or description of what you are looking for.

Then simply press start and look! The activity log above helps to show if the cache is still up to date. If its been found recently there’s a good chance it will still be there. Also read some of the comments as they often give extra clues.

Once you’ve found your cache press the log button to say you’ve found it! This will mark a smiley face on your map so you know its completed.

The kids really enjoyed looking for the caches and it broke up the journey down to our final destination. It also took us to a few stops that we’ve previously just drove straight past (admired from the window).

The contents of the caches are nothing interesting so don’t expect real treasure! Most have a log to sign and a few little trinkets like McDonald’s toys. 1 of ours had a crust of bread 😂

I would say if you are doing this in florida look out as it often takes you into nature, yes really. This means possible snakes, gators etc. One of the caches we found we couldn’t actually look in as there was a snake on it!!

During spring break the kids and I will be looking for a few more caches with our free time. Leo even wants to hide his own – which I’ll have to figure out how to add.

To all my Brummie readers I checked the app and yes there are lots there too! Have fun exploring and finding “treasures” .

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