Birthday boy!


To start with we faked Leo’s birthday this year to save him from having a boring day!

Leo turned 5 on 21st August. We celebrated 19th August. His actual birthday was a Tuesday. We leave our house at 7.30am after at least 1 pre school tantrum from Poppy. So that was my first issue- how do we do presents?? The kids are used to getting up & opening them on the morning so I couldn’t face making Leo wait. Then a full day at school followed by sitting in a gym waiting while the girls cheer.

Daddy, he’d be missing in action all day – work, representing the Hills at a school meeting and then a late night football (soccer) match.

What 5 year old would like that for a birthday?? Being unaware of dates Leo, instead, got a whole birthday weekend!

Saturday was his treat day. Instead of a party we went out as a family. Leo was given a few options and chose to try roller skating. Not thinking of the logistics of this we happily headed to the skate rink, got booted up and went straight to the floor!

Poppy freaked out, her legs would not stay still underneath her and she did not like the feeling.

Next leo went for a turn. He was crazy! Stepping rather than gliding all over the rink like a loose canon! Rob had a few comical moments helping him out too. The skate buddy frame we rented was useful but Leo kept trying to ditch it.

Izzy likes to be perfect at everything so she had to get on the ice and prove to herself she could skate. Started slowly, holding the side for dear life and only skating where there was a side. Eventually we convinced her to go all the way around the rink and she still kept a hand on the side or wall. Within the hour she was doing more of a glide but still with that wall or a hand being held.

There was also a rock wall and an indoor soft play that the kids really enjoyed. Both girls found the rock climbing difficult. Poppy preferring to bounce up & down on the bungee and Izzy quitting after a few attempts.

Leo on the other hand went into beast mode and almost made it to the top a few times!

Saturday night we told Leo his birthday was the next day. He’d already seen his wrapped presents so unsurprisingly woke in the early hours and creeped excitedly into our bed with 4 hours to wait until daylight.

Present time came quickly and he unselfishly let “the sisters ” help with his unwrapping and share the excitement.

Thanks to toys r us closing down we managed to get Leo a good amount of bargain presents! Even stashing some away for Christmas.

We did our tradition of birthday cup cake for breakfast and headed to splash for the day.

Swimming with friends and rocky’s pizza passed a few hours and made for a tired boy at bedtime. The neighbours coming for dinner topped it off.

We had a lovely, mostly relaxed and fun weekend. The last week has been a big one in terms of Leo’s milestones. Starting kindergarten, losing 1st tooth and making it to 5 years old! Leo is such a happy boy and has a massive character, we all love him to pieces!

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