We are 1 week exactly into the 12 week school summer holiday.

The “I’m bored” started at 1.19pm yesterday and hasn’t stopped since. Children used to a full packed day of learning are left to follow mom or dad around whilst they go to the gym or run errands! No wonder they’re bored!

So, as a UK native this was a shock to us (Children attend school year round with breaks spaced out there)

I’ve tried to find the reason for such a long break thinking maybe Google will tell me it’s to do with the weather or summer vacations even. I found a few articles about the history of the long break, seems it is just a tradition. There are very few school districts that attend school year round.

Our first summer here started 4/30/16 until 8/10/16. We had no friends, no clue of where we were and I was scared to drive anywhere! Not a hard one to beat now we are going into our 3rd summer.


Accepting I have the 3 children 24/7 for the next 12 weeks is the first step to a successful summer break 🙂

Next figure out how to fill that time. Swiftly followed by amending ideas to stick to a budget!

I talked to my children about what they would like to do and Izzy created a lovely poster full of ideas. We added plenty of simple cheap time filling activities. For example swimming, feed ducks, painting, help mummy with dinner etc and trips they would like to take the beach,museums,markets.

I then trawl the internet looking for activities. My go to sites for this area are jaxmomsblog and firstcoastforkids also the local library site. Not forgetting local facebook groups and events or simply sharing ideas with other mum friends.

My last thing for a successful summer break is to allow myself a break in routine without freaking out!! Realise my house will be messier and louder. We probably won’t eat 7 healthy dinners a week and my laundry will pile up. It’s all temporary, repeat, it’s all temporary. I got this. I think.

Follow along to see how our summer goes!

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