Day in the life of….

Its been a month now since all the children started full time school and people often ask me what I’m doing with myself ?

Well, I’m a routine person so after leaving the loose routine of our #12weeksofsummer I found myself carving out a new routine just for me – Monday to Friday 8.30 till 2.30!

I’m the ‘organised one’ so planning and scheduling is key to my week. Ensuring kids and I are where we should be at the right time, every day.

My ‘me time’ since arriving in Florida has been the gym. Initially it was because childcare was included in the membership! So I’d go work out and the kids would socialise and do activities. Now obviously I don’t need the childcare but I love the classes and the healthy lifestyle its led me to have. Gym is 3 mornings a week – I’d happily go 5 mornings but I realised I needed other ways of having ‘me time’ plus 5 days a week really hurts!

I joined a moms group 1 morning a week at a church. I’ve been to a few sessions where we are doing a book study. I enjoy the message from the book and the socialising with other moms – think playgroup chats without the babies & toddlers.

My remaining morning I’ve chosen to use as a volunteering opportunity. Today was my 1st day helping with activities at a memory care home. It was lots of fun and they’ve asked me to come back so that’s a good start!

I also volunteer in both Izzy and Leo’s classes and I can take some time out of my day to spend their lunchtime with them once a month.

I decided to volunteer because I would like to work. An application to do that will not be put in until after our visa renewal in the new year. Volunteering keeps me busy and will give me some recent experience. A job centre plus officer doesn’t really transfer over here so I’ll need to look at other options when the time comes.

Since not working I’ve looked at our house and the chores associated with it as my ‘job’. Rob is in the office all week long making the $$. The house is my domain, my way of providing for the family. Monday – Wednesday afternoons are about the house. Cleaning, laundry, food shopping etc.

I like the fact that Rob doesn’t have to come home and cook or clean. Don’t get me wrong he would and has in the past for years but now its not necessary. When he’s home its time for us both to relax!

I try to make sure home cooked food is on the table every night. I’m a fan of the slow cooker or at least prepping during the day. I can make dinner when its convenient for me that way, rather than when I feel rushed with the 3 kids home and doing homework or after school activities.

I’ll plan meals before I food shop so I know exactly what to buy. I will move the meals around (I always write them in pencil in my planner so i can erase and not cross out 😂) if needed. I always make lunch for the kids too and some dinner leftovers for Rob. I also do a little budgeting at the same time. Things like when can I get my hair done, the dog groomed or buy something for the house.

Reading above looks like I should have 2 afternoons free each week. Obviously those afternoons are the ‘extra chore’ days! The closet sorting, deep clean, costco monthly shop and and next week I’m even painting the office! I’m anxious to do some weeding, ckear the garage amd hoover the car but the plus 100 temperatures are too much to do that right now! There’s always something though!

I try to make a point of sitting down to eat lunch every day for a break. This is the time I use to work on the blog or try and raise my instagram and facebook profile, I also do this in the evenings. I write from my phone the majority of the time so I’ve even finished things off whilst stood waiting at the school gate!

I do occasionally head to the beach or the mall for a little R&R when needed!

By 7.30pm when we start sorting the kids for bed and reading I’m ready to sleep myself! My routine allows 8pm ish onwards for me to sit 🙂 Everything is generally done for the day by then. I should most nights go to bed for 10pm but these are the hours I get to spend relaxing instead of rushing and have a decent conversation with Rob. Or just veg in my pjs staring at the tv!

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