Free, ish fun!

So I mentioned in my previous blog how the children and I plan summer activities then I go through ideas trying to stick to a budget ie. As close to free as possible!

Well we have had 2 packed days of fun for around $20, all relatively local fun too.

We live in a community where golf carts are a form of transport. I initally did not want to live here in a holiday park and did not want a golf cart. Now however we have a cart and love it! It is a simple way of filling time. Go for a ride to some playgrounds or make a quick trip to the shop a bit longer because we have nothing better to do!

Yesterday was a golf cart day. We used it to get a haircut (free, ish as it went on daddy’s credit card) bought a Dunkin donuts coffee (with a coupon), cashed in the girls free frozen beverage coupons at dailys and finally got a yobe frozen yoghurt(half price mondays)

For dinner I made a taco bar which gets the kids involved in making their own dinner. Generally guarantees they’ll eat a bit more of it!
We watched an old movie with popcorn then finished the day off with a dog walk and bike ride.


Today we did some park hopping in the morning and a stop at the library to cool off in the a/c. Friends joined us and all the kids had a blast.


Finished the day off with a trip to ikea – 2 out of 3 kids took advantage of the free supervised play area and then we ate dinner (kids eat free Tuesdays)


Organising free fun means looking out for coupons, researching where and when kids eat free or offers that are on, trying out local parks or beaches and occasionally using daddy’s credit card 😁 I’ve mentioned before the sites I use – jaxmomsblog and firstcoastforkids. I know these exist in a lot of other areas too.

I’m grateful the kids are still at the age they are happy with free fun Izzy actually said “could this day get any better??” When i offered a yobe and Leo said going to ikea “was like being in a great dream” 😂
Lets hope another few weeks into #12weeksofsummer they are still satisfied with the free fun.

3 thoughts on “Free, ish fun!

  1. I’d love to see you do one of the shopping trips where you only use coupons to pay for it! As you know in the uk that this is not possible!! I’ve tried and there simply aren’t enough free coupons!!


  2. Loving the blog ! Definitely stealing the create a poster idea for ideas – as crazy it seems I don’t think I’ve actually ever asked the boys to get involved in the planning just planned things I thought they would enjoy !! They might surprise me ! Xx


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