Surviving the summer!


This is a follow up blog to my #12weeksofsummer I published back in June.
As the Uk are just starting their summer break of 6 weeks thought I would post a few tips to help along the way and also as a way for me to refocus and rock the last 19 days of school break! (No, I’m not counting 😉)

I’ve thought about all the things we have been doing that have made our break a success so far and I also asked the nocatee mummy tribe for some of their successes.

Routines change massively in the summer so be ready for different bed and wake times, the house to be a mess and noisy constantly, more trips to mcdonalds than you’d like to admit too and a losing battle with the laundry. Mental preparation is a must!

Our 3rd summer here with these long breaks, none have been as bad as I’ve expected so be positive about the break. A chance to be with your children- you only get 18ish summers after all!

Routine, schedule, planning all really help! Some mums have allocated a day for actives eg. Mondays parks, wednesdays swimming.


Other mummies have a routine where they go out every morning and chill in the afternoons – often a must here because of the heat and the thunder storms.

The girls 2nd grade teacher has been doing “Try it Tuesday”. Each week on Tuesdays her family try something or somewhere new. New restaurants, parks, or places of interest. I’m definitely going to do this next 12 weeks of summer!

Camps, fill some time up with those. Don’t feel guilty for sending the kids. Everyone needs a break from each other sometimes and this is a way of getting that and loads of entertainment for the littles.


One mummy told me she booked her boys individually in a camp alternate weeks so they got their fun and break from sibling but also 1 on 1 time with mum, genius! Something else I’ll be doing next summer.

Ask the kids for their input, dragging them places they don’t want to go all summer long is no fun for anyone. I posted before about our bucket list and its been a real success for us. Take a read of that blog too!

Sometimes you do have to drag the kids around places though I mean life has to go on, food shopping still has to happen (although I recommend online 🙂), appointments etc. Just compromise, yes its rubbish, boring blah blah blah but after you get to ride bikes or swim or watch you tube kids.

Get in some supplies. Go to £ land or $ tree to stock up on crafts for rainy days or a bit of down time. I know in my house Poppy at least is happy with some scissors and scraps of paper!
We also did projects and sensory play throughout the summer.


Another thing to stock up on is snacks because for some reason kids can’t stop eating all day long whilst not in school. I mean mine literally stand at our pantry looking for snacks 50% of the day!

Also wine, lots and lots of wine.

The internet is your friend. I’ve mentioned I research activities lots before, but we also use the internet for entertaining and getting the kids moving. Their favourites are cosmic yoga and born to move dance programme by Les Mills. Of course there is always someone watching a random child opening a toy on youtube kids too!


Rally your mummy friends up for the summer. Playdates are an easy hit in terms of occupying your kids and having some adult conversation. Make it fun by serving margaritas or some other exotic cocktail 🙂 Adults only, obvs! Kids can have some gummy bears.

Also other mummies are a great source of information. Have no shame in copying where they’ve been and what they’ve been doing from Instagram or facebook posts!

Take help when its offered. I’ve learnt since moving away from family if a neighbor or friend offers to watch our kids say yes and leave fast! Without family round I’ve also had to ask for help with kids on occasion and we use sitters.
Take your breaks alone and with your partner.

Enjoy your summer!

4 thoughts on “Surviving the summer!

  1. Your blogs have been an inspiration to me so that my summer with 4 kids goes as smooth as possible I’ve started a fb album to add all our exciting days into so that I can look back and think ah well done rachel!!!


  2. Aww, sounds like you guys have had a blast so far!!! Enjoy the last 19days 😜, we are just starting ours…. love having my girls home with me! We are going on holiday to Greece for Marc’s wedding this year…. so we are doing free or cheap days out till we go!
    Enjoy guys & love reading all about your summer holidays xxx

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