Leo, Izzy and Poppy

So since Leo graduated today I will introduce our children from youngest to oldest.

Leo, 4 but as the 3rd child a big boy since the day he was born! Moved to florida as a 2 year old who still wore nappies (diapers) and walked around with 3 dummies (pacifiers). Fast forward 2 years and he graduated preschool full of confidence and happiness with an American accent to top it off!
He loves playing outside with his cul de sac crew, swimming, riding his bike and obviously watching random kids on youtube. Leo makes up his own words and silly stories . He is our joker.
He loves his mummy and daddy is his best buddy. “The sisters” are his playmates, book readers and mischief companions.

Isabelle, our “eldest” of the bunch is actually the middle child. Almost 8 years old with a sassy personality but the kindest heart. Izzy loves to learn and adores school (for now!)
Izzy is mummys helper, assisting with looking after and sorting her siblings as well as walking the dog for $$.
Izzy is happiest surronded by barbies dolls, hair bows and all things pink!
Izzys sport of choice so far is cheering but she’s also got the best hand eye coordination in the family so maybe baseball or basketball next.

Poppy, our “1 in a million” girl. 9 years old. Loving and so sensitive but with a temper that doesn’t befit the cute blonde! Poppy has a gene mutation,in simple terms a square where there should have been a circle. PPP2R5D is the effected gene there are around 60 children diagnosed so far. I will go into further detail with this at a later date.
Poppy enjoys riding her bike, playing with friends and chatting to neighbours. One of her favourite things to do is sneak into our bed for cuddles at 4am!!

So there we are the Hill children. All loved fiercely by mom and dad 💙

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