Why I always say yes!


Look at those smiling faces! That’s why I always say yes!!

This weeks request was tie dye. Not something we’ve done before but apparently you tube makes it look very easy and lots of fun.

We all know I’m not a fan of mess and throw a sensory child into the mix and we’ve often had disastrous scenes! So saying yes to this type of project is kinda a big deal.
However I love to see my kids happy so I agreed 😐

I waited until I could use my Michaels (craft store) 50% off coupon then went ahead and purchased a tulip tie dye kit.


I was given a little advice from a fellow mummy- “Its messy, do it outside ”
Nervously I got the garage prepped – a thunderstorm popped up so no outside!

The kids were beyond excited and followed my instructions surprisingly well. All waiting patiently for their turn to choose dye colors and have their t shirt tied up.

Once the kids got started Leo and Poppy got into the creating mess phase. Squirting dye all over the t shirt, mat and unfortunately themselves!!
Izzy sat perfectly in her neat little corner taking care of where she put the dye.

As the t shirts were finished I realised how much mess 2 out of 3 actually made and grabbed wipes. Nothing.
This dye was not coming off! A frantic google led me to winn dixie to purchase a box of baking soda. Made a paste, rubbed it all over Poppy and Leo’s legs. A slight improvement 🤔


Here’s hoping our Florida lifestyle will help fade the dye, pool here we come!!

Other projects we have done and created messes with this summer – a pool full of water beads, slime, painting shells, sand art,play doh and cooking.

Next up Poppy’s request to make cup cakes. We’ll tackle a proper recipe not a box 😀

4 thoughts on “Why I always say yes!

  1. This is on my to do list but I’m so nervous with slightly younger kids also in tow!!! 😣


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