Diary of a Les Mills 1st time Trainee

My preparation for les mills tone instructor training is complete! I’ve spent 2 weeks learning my assigned tracks and replaced many of my usual gym classes with run throughs of the whole workout. My bedroom has become a studio – I’ve taught the kids and even Teddy how to execute some amazing choreography.

My snacks are packed, my homework before the course has been completed and I have all my digital files ready to go.

Alarm is set to leave nice and early both saturday and Sunday – 7.30am!!

Now to try and sleep through the night with no interruptions from my bladder or Poppy 😐

Day 1

Ok I’m laying in my bathtub 14 hours after I left the house for my lm tone instructor training.

I have completed a masterclass, 2 technique bootcamps, 1 presentation class (presenting & participating) and hours of choreography practice. Throw in a load of key element, coaching, scripting, position & execution training and your getting the idea of how my day has been.

Did I mention I’m 14 weeks pregnant and carrying round a larger than average bump whilst doing this??

By the time I got home at 6.20pm I was physically and mentally exhausted.

Also very emotional- thanks hormones. Although proud of myself for getting through day 1 the thought of day 2 is daunting.

My self confidence is dwindling as I think about what tomorrow holds for me. I know we’ll be doing at least 2 run throughs of the entire workout including presenting and shadowing tracks and my body hurts so bad right now!

Can I keep my choreography in my head whilst also instructing participants in the movement, direction and safe execution of the exercise?

Do I look as terrified as I feel wearing that microphone?

All through today I’ve had messages wishing me good luck. Telling me I can do it, how great I’ll be instructing this programme. So if everyone else is seeing it why aren’t I?

In reality I know I can. Thanks to the YMCA local tone team I have had plenty of practice. I knew the choreography for all the tracks, not just mine and I had barely any adjustments to make for my technique.

Self doubt is a difficult thing to deal with. I had a conversation with izzy at bedtime tonight about how as a kid you do some difficult things (Her state maths test is Monday) I told her these difficult things are something she has to get through and she’ll finish feeling that little bit more confident. So now to put my advice into action!

Day 2 I can do this, I will do this. I’m showing myself and more importantly my kids that perseverance, dedication and confidence will get you there in the end!

Or in the words of my good friend I’ll just “Fake it till I make it”

Day 2

So from feeling daunted to feeling elated! Day 2 done and stage 1 of becoming a Les Mills tone instructor completed and passed!

I woke up ready to take on day 2. Feeling confident I knew my choreography 100%. From there you can coach and connect.

I was eager to take the microphone – to show I had listened to my feedback and adjusted my technique and script from day 1.

As I did my 1st presentation of the day I found myself looking at the participants and seeing them smiling and encouraging me. Such a boost to see they are happily following along with your instruction. Day 1 I don’t even remember seeing any faces from nerves.

Second presentation I’ll go as far as to say I had fun! I really enjoyed instructing and being part of the workout.

Day 2 was still very physical including the Tone challenge but we also did a lot of learning. A few lightbulb moments occurred when I realised I knew a lot of what is expected of me. I have such good gym role models I see and hear the elements of great instructors every class.

The training team all did a great job and encouraged each other along the way. Many of us were 1st time attendees to a Les Mills training programme. Looking around the room we were all different people – some younger, some older, new moms, expectant mom, fitness fanatics or casual class attendee. Tone is the class for everyone, all levels and ages so this mix of future instructors was perfect!

Our training instructor for the weekend was a compassionate and supportive person who was really trying to send us off with the techniques and knowledge we need to become instructors. She gave great constructive criticism and amazing positive feedback.

Next step is to learn the 45 minute class (Another 10 tracks) choreography 100% and send in a video assessment of me teaching, preferably before this bump of mine gets much bigger! The release is fresh in my mind (after doing it so many times over 2 days!) and I’m feeling confident and motivated to start this new journey!

Watch this space…..

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