Surprise- we’re expecting!

So this Brummiemummy is having a stateside baby!!

Not something I imagined I’d be writing about but we are all so excited for baby Hill no.4. I know a lot of family & friends were surprised at our news, and I figured my blog is a great way to keep everyone up to date with how we are doing. Times like this make the distance seem a little farther, so hopefully this will help fill the space a little.

I’ve been through a few pregnancies but never with big kids and never in the old U S of A! So join me as I write through our experience.

I’m 13 weeks now and I found out I was pregnant right at 4 weeks. I’ve always been very intune with my hormones and found out early, which makes that 1st trimester a long slog.

I’m grateful I’ve not had too many of the early pregnancy symptoms this time around. I have had the nausea, food aversions and tiredness but it doesn’t feel like the same extreme as previously. Maybe because I don’t work fulltime, have little ones to chase after or because I live a fitter / healthier lifestyle than before. Still spending a lot of hours in my gym.

The kids have known for around 3 weeks now. I told them because as per usual my stomach muscles gave in very early on and let my secret out with a small bump. People have been congratulating me since 10 weeks 😅

The girls were excited straight away, especially Poppy with her love of babies. Leo was a little more shocked simply stating “Nope” with a very serious expression. Took some convincing from Izzy that mummy really does have a baby in there and not just a big breakfast!

In the UK at this point I’d maybe have had 2 appointments by now. The booking in with the community midwife and the inital 12ish weeks dating scan.

So far here I’ve had 3, with another scheduled for a few weeks time. 3 scans have already been done – 8 weeks, 10 weeks and 12 weeks. The 1st two I’ll admit I could barely make out the baby!

Week 12 scan was great though. Very clear pictures of baby who was waving, kicking and rolling the whole time. Much to Poppys delight who came to the appointment on a teacher training day. We may have even had a gender reveal whilst there…..

Unlike in the UK I chose where I will have my pre natal, delivery and post natal care. An obstetrician has to be found that practices at the hospital where you would like to deliver.

The decision for me was based on proximity to our home and personal experiences from other moms. There is so much choice it was overwhelming. Plus throw in the complications of health insurance payments and I was very glad when I’d finally made the decision!

I will be touring the hospital in a few weeks time but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be amazing (For the price we pay it should be!) I’ll update once we’ve been.

Keep an eye on my Facebook and Instagram pages for any updates and I’ll write again soon xx

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