Family Visits

So 2016 we packed up and moved to Florida. Approximately 4500 miles away from the town I’d pretty much lived in my whole life.

Leaving behind family and friends who were as good as family. The 1 constant negative in our move then and still now.

Communicating by messages, video calls and watching each others social media is not what anyone of us thought we’d be doing a few years ago. Facebook, messenger, whatsapp, Instagram we’re grateful for them all as can’t imagine how we’d cope without!

We’ve landed in a pretty good spot here in Florida. Nocatee, Ponte Vedra to be precise. The north east corner of Florida where we have scorching summers but being 45 minutes from the Florida Georgia line we also get seasons. It makes a great spot for a holiday year round!


We’ve had numerous family visits. My parents had actually booked to visit before we even left England and had no clue where we would be living at the time.

Most recently Robs sister and family crossed the pond for a visit despite battling a flying fear and dragging a toddler along.


We love our visitors, especially the children. For them nothing beats grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins! There is always a buzz of excitement in our house waiting for our next set of visitors.

What happens when they leave though? Well for starters the emotions never get easier but we all find ways of coping with them better each time. For the sake of the children we try to make goodbyes quick and painless, as simple as if we were seeing them the next day. It’s a coping technique and we’re sticking to it.


It’s the ultimate bittersweet feeling. Weeks of excitement and fun followed by a lull and a sadness that never really goes away until the next visitors.

Thank you family for visiting and continuing to book repeat visits. For those of you who haven’t made it here yet book, your always welcome! (You know who you are 😉)

Written whilst counting down the 30 days to family arriving.

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