My Florida hairstyle – Including Vlog link!

My hair has gone through a few phases since moving over here and I feel finally I’m happy with it!

I started out with long box coloured blonde hair, with a fringe (bangs). You know when you go abroad on holiday and your hair decides it has a life of its own? Starts to grow upwards on your head with the humidity and won’t wash well with the different water? That. It happened to me, except it wasn’t going to be a 2 week issue then home and back to normal. This was home and blow drying and straightening my hair for it to look good for 30 or so minutes was not going to happen!

Next style was bright Florida blonde and shorter- thanks to my hair going into shock and falling out. Not figured out what happened there sunshine maybe, stress, hormones but it was bad! I ditched the hairdryer and let my hair wave / kind of curl naturally. Still had the issue of humidity and the volume my hair would go to outdoors!

The problem with bright blonde is the up keep. This mummy’s budget does not allow for that so I kept having that tell tale dark ring around my head that showed was time to hit the salon.

Around about a year ago I decided to try the curlygirl method I’d read about – google for details!!

Seemed simple enough, the products used were cheap and readily available so decided was worth a shot. The initial few weeks of starting it were not good. My hair was like straw and I was getting even less curl than before! Fast forward a year and I have curly unfrizzy hair!!

It was time to deal with my color too. My girl joan @jamhairmakeupart treated me to all sorts of colors and techniques that resulted in natural color that more importantly lasted me 5 months between visits! Was rocking the ombre look for a while there!

I get asked frequently in the street about my hair, how I style, what products or just a compliment which my fine, thinning hair has never had before!

So watch my vlog on my technique. It is so simple and fast!! Busy mummys don’t have time to spend doing their hair. At least I don’t anyway.

4 thoughts on “My Florida hairstyle – Including Vlog link!

  1. Looking gorgeous hun ! Great blog – I completely forgot the long blonde fringe look how mad is that !? Your obviously rocking your signature do – keep up the blogging xx


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