Discovering Country

I’ve mentioned in my intro that I love country music and if you follow my instagram there’s often references to my/ our country love on there. Now why would an English person love country?? Not a genre of music often found in Blighty’s top 40 so I get asked a lot why country is my top listening choice!

I’ve been looking at buying tickets to see a big country artist (My country crush) here in Jacksonville – Luke Bryan (Uk peeps may know him from the recent American Idol) my Uk friends and family will know him because I bombard them with his music 🙂 sorry, not sorry!

So I thought todays blog could be about discovering my love for country ❤

Florida is big and spaced out, we spend a lot of time driving. I’ve put more miles on my car in 4 months than I used to do in a year in England. I’m a music person, always have been so whilst I’m happily cruising along I sing, loudly with no shame! When we first arrived 2 years ago I was listening to the same old songs that had been played in England for the last 6 months. Our new (old) car came equipped with satellite radio and 100s of stations so I began to flick and stumbled on The Highway channel 64.

My first country song was William Michael Morgan, Vinyl. Have a listen….

Swiftly followed by Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Chris Young…
All artists and songs I’d never heard but loved instantly. This was something new and interesting. Songs about the things I now saw around me – pick ups, dirt roads and tractors 😁

I made Rob listen to these songs while googling the artists and stalking their glamorous lifestyles on social media. The kids began to sing along and before I knew it I’d got a pair of my own boots and a ticket to my 1st country show. Chris Lane supported by Morgan Wallen – coincidentally now moved on to be Luke Bryans opener!

2 years later Rob and I have had some great date nights watching country artists in various venues. From the nose bleeds to the pit and we’ve loved every one of them! The kids request their favourites from Alexa and sing all the words in the car. Leo actually wants to be Jason Aldean when he grows up 😂


I still listen to all my other music, old UK garage cruising down the highways here is always a fun option but country definitely has a big place in my heart now. Give it a go, you never know until you try!

4 thoughts on “Discovering Country

  1. Got to admit you have started a little uk following with all the links you send us to check out !! Can’t wait to experience it one day and definitely own my very own. Pair of boots one day to – keep enjoying the tunes lady xx


  2. As you know I have also loved country music for many years, so I understand. The last recommendation, Sam Hunt, was good so keep them coming as the country music channel here gives me mainly old Irish country music. Great that you are loving out there. Enjoying the blog.
    Lots of love to you and the family
    Val xxx

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