England Excitement!

I leave for England in 17 days. My first solo trip back home is for a wedding, one I would never miss. I was last there August 2017. 14 months since I sat on my parents sofa, wandered around the shops, ate a decent bacon sarnie and most importantly hung out with my besties.

I’m going to go start with what is exciting me about the trip –

  • Obviously firstly the wedding. These pair have been together since Rob and I married, 2006!! About time guys! I get to be a bridesmaid for my oldest friend with our other bestie. Be prepared for the soppy then drunk updates on the day.
  • Family, I have a little lady I’ve promised to take fairy hunting. It’s going to be freezing cold but I don’t care we’re going to beat the number of fairy doors nanny found even if it takes us hours!
  • Friends, catching up with old friends is the best. I have the kind of friends in England where we might not have spoken for weeks, months even but it’s just the same as if we’d been on the phone everyday.
  • Flying kid free – rare and probably weird but I’ll take it
  • Gregg’s sausage rolls, yes, I really need a Gregg’s
  • Closely followed by a chippy dinner – pie, chips and curry sauce
  • Walking. I drive everywhere here due to the distance and honestly the last few months of summer I’ve got in the car even when I could walk because I need the aircon.
  • Shopping. Browsing in my old favourites and rooting through racks in the charity shops.
  • The pub, cosy locals with full pint glasses!
  • Going out, out. A real bar with a real DJ, some lights , a dancefloor and drunk brummies 🤣
  • The 1st hour of crisp cool weather I’m sure that will be enough for me
  • Walking outside at night and not being bit by random horrible flying bugs

Now doing this holiday as much as I’m excited about it, it is also raising my anxiety levels. Leaving rob and 3 kids is hard. I’m obviously going to miss them all terribly but I’m also a bit (😀) of a control freak. I’m having to trust everything will be taken care off while I’m away. Children at the right place at the right time with the correct items, clothes, shoes etc! We luckily have nanny Jen coming to help out and be me for a week which is a massive help. Dinner will be cooked and kids will be thoroughly entertained and loved on.

Being organised though I’ve thought this through. Lists and schedules are my best friend so it seemed only right I create a few for Rob and Jen!

I know they’ll probably not be looked at but I feel better for trying.

We all know Izzy will be the boss anyway! She is going to manage communicating with me. Using fb messenger kids to send me updates and rounding everyone up to call. This is by far the longest I’ve been away from them but they are all being positive about it. I suppose the move out here has helped them be independent and know a little more about timescales and when they get to see people.

I apologise in advance for the posts and pictures of seemingly mundane moments that will actually be filling me with joy 😃

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