Beach days – Why I love & hate them

Ok, don’t get me wrong I love living a 15 minute drive to the beach. Coming from land locked Birmingham it’s a dream and a different league to Brean or Weston Super Mare!

However a family trip to the beach kinda fills me with dread.

3 kids plus sand & choppy, salty waves turns the idyllic beach time into a nightmare!

For starters just getting to the beach is a pain. So much stuff!! Umbrella, chairs, boogie boards etc etc. Digging it out of the garage and packing it into the car then carrying it onto the sand and emptying it all again once home. It’s also 30 degrees and humid so this job produces a bucket load of sweat.



I do carry things too, most of the time 😉


Once on the beach the kids are happiest when covered in as much sand as possible. Preferably in a big hole that Rob digs for them the second we set up camp. That is until Poppy decides she doesn’t like sand and will do anything to get it off her including stripping!


With this being Florida summer your also likely to get caught in a rain shower that pops up out of nowhere 5 hours before its forecast.


Now, the reasons I love the beach. Well obviously its beautiful and you can’t beat the sound of the ocean plus there’s a breeze that keeps us cool on these hot sticky days.

My kids are happy, I watch them running care free in and out of the waves laughing and jumping – see some parts are idyllic!

However the main reason I love the beach is Rob takes over. He can’t sit still so he’s up digging, running, kicking a football or swimming. Me? I can sit, preferably with a book and a beer.

Over the last 2 years I have found ways of making the beach trips a little easier

1) Be organised with packing – use freezer bags for lotions & toiletries so they don’t get sandy
2) Pack lots of drinks and lots of snacks but be wise about snack choice. Nothing that could melt or even just go a bit squishy in the heat. Take bowls so sandy hands aren’t digging in to bags every few minutes!
3) Pack a freezer bag with clean clothes which can then be used to hold wet clothes
4) Take an empty plastic bag for rubbish
5) Take a sandwich bag for each child to hold any treasures they find
6) Leave a gallon bottle of water in the car to get the last bits of sand off toes. Talcum powder also works for this
7) Don’t forget your book & beer!

8 thoughts on “Beach days – Why I love & hate them

  1. Glad you found a way of organising. I can’t believe the kids have 3 months off school. Hell 6 weeks is enough. How do you cope? All in all tho I can tell you love it there.

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  2. I can tell that your not a Florida girl when you said it was 30 degrees. 30 degrees to Floridians is like the ice age😜. I loved your writing and your organization tips. We bought a pop up wagon that is light weight to carry all the crap the kids whine about carrying. Keep them coming. Missed you last week😘

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  3. So glad you already know the baby powder trick and bowls for snacks!
    Backpack beach chairs and wagon to pull it all are necessities as well!


  4. As always Michaela you’re super organised.
    Alway impressed when we join you on the beach. It makes for a great day xx


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