Mini Vacay


My parents are over in Jax for 2 weeks and whilst they’re here we like to get out of Nocatee and start exploring.
We’ve done Orlando a few times, tarpon springs and Treasure Island so far.

This holiday we decided to head North. My parents normally come out around Nov/ Dec and we head west for the heat – coming from England they are sunseekers.

We chose Savannah as an area to stay in. Rob and I have been there twice – once with kids and once without.
Mom and dad have never been.
Rather than staying in the city though we opted for St.Simons Island. A barrier island off Georgia, 1 of the golden isles.

I spent a few hours searching for accommodation – generally our go to’s are as you book 10 nights and get 1 night free or VRBO – easy site and booking process, always had good stays.

However on this occasion I found a cute place on Airbnb.


3 bed, quiet street and walking distance to some shops and restaurants- not something we’re used to anymore!

Jekyll Island was our first stop. We headed straight to the historic district to join the trolley tour.


90 minutes of driving round the old club and its properties and a tour round 2 of the old houses. Kids managed to sit and listen nicely for the majority of the time and enjoyed the houses.
A quick stop for ice cream and onto the driftwood beach.

Unfortunately we got rained off the beach but the kids had a great time climbing through the driftwood trees!

Welcome to Jekyll Island

Next onto St.Simons Island. Our kids are always so excited to get to our holiday accommodation. Especially leo, he loves nothing better than a hotel – crummy motel or a 5* he couldn’t care less!

Rob and I though know we’re probs in for some sleepless nights. A change like that is a big deal for Poppy. Although on the outside she seems as excited as the other 2 her actions would disagree. Tantrums, meltdowns and night wakings were all part of the weekend. We don’t stop our family experiencing holidays, trips etc because of this, we just deal with it best we can.

Whilst in St Simons we did some walking around both pier village and redfern village. Spent all afternoon at Neptune park, the kids loved it there. A pool next to the ocean with a playground and huge trees to climb on.


We had some good meals out and kids had fun. A sprite is a treat for them and they got 1 three days in a row!


Next onto Savannah
Now that is a fun city! My blog wasn’t around when Rob and I did a trip there with no kids. We were giddy to be alone and you are legally allowed to walk around drinking alcohol in the streets! Needless to say the next morning I had to rely on our credit card statements to figure out our drunken path round the old streets!

Anyway back to this weekend! We wanted to give my parents a quick intro to the city. We walked along the river, stopping in the tourist shops along the way. Kids got “candy” they purposely chose the most sour they could find – after recollecting sweet names they’d seen on youtube! (I’ll post the video of them eating them on fb and insta)


We headed through the city with the promise of Forsyth park playground stopping in the small squares and near picturesque houses.


The kids were actually very well behaved. We made some good compromises …. river walk – sweets, walking through city – playground, behave at dinner – ice cream 😀.


More memories made with nanny & GG.

One thought on “Mini Vacay

  1. Looks fabulous. I think your blog lets people know that even though the pictures portray a lovely vacation, it’s all about compromise with children Especially highlighting Poppy’s reaction to change of scenery. You both do a fabulous job and create fantastic memories for your kids. Xx


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