Halfway there!

Hooray, I’ve done it!! We’re into week 6 of the longest school summer break in the world. Get through this and another 6 to go 😶

We’ve been trying to keep occupied as much as possible.
I’ll admit though I’d be lost without the community pools and friends to swim & play with.

Some of the fun activities we’ve done so far … chuck e cheese, aquarium, bounce camp, ice cream parlours, country music festival, bingo, food trucks, park hopping, magic show, birthday parties, home spa afternoon, library visits all relatively low cost too.
My kind of fun!


The kids have all attended 3 Vacation bible school camps together and loved every minute.
I think they are a great way for the kids to be interacting with their peers and adults in a structured environment. Gives them a break from home amd mummy too – the kids need that as much as the mummy!

Activities we are yet to do… mini break to Jekyll island/ St Simons island and Savannah, cheer camp, more birthday parties, baseball game, cinema trip, free slurpees, brewery family night, tie dye t shirts (waiting to use my 50% off coupon for the materials!), school meetings and tours, beach day and definitely lots more swimming!

Whilst all this is going on I’m still trying to fit in me time at the gym, cleaning, laundry, groceries etc.

As I said in my 12 weeks of summer blog my standards have dropped. The house isn’t as clean, laundry is backed up and the kids ate pasta 3 nights in a row whilst we picked at leftovers – shock horror!

So I’ll list a few ways to help out the mummies still trying to get through this break or the mummy’s about to start in England.

Set expectations day 1. Some of ours –
•Activity time = tablet/ tv time. Our kids need to be doing something active before they get to chill in the afternoon.

•Treats (sweets, ice cream etc) are treats do not expect or ask for them everyday!!

•Compromise – yes you’ll spend 2 hours at the gym creche but then you get 3 hours at the pool, a pizza and bike riding.

Be organised where possible

•For us the pool bag is repacked ready for the next day.

•Clothes are set out for the morning, including any multiple outfits needed.

•Food is organised- snacks are in baskets ready to grab and there’s an area of the fridge for kids to choose healthy snacks.


Plan, plan and a bit more planning!

•Camps book up quick

•Weather affects plans, be flexible

•Use all the tools facebook, Instagram, local mom blogs and websites to find activities

•Set budgets- summer break can become very expensive very quickly

Rope in some family to visit or help out


Take the breaks where possible! Our staycation was 22 hours that was all we could fit in, but was worth it!

Wine, buy it, lots of wine.

Now don’t get me wrong there have been times where I scream at the kids or they to me, I lock myself in the bathroom for a few minutes peace, I forget to cook or shop and I’m always looking for 1 kid – 3 kids are hard to keep eyes on.

Ultimately though I will be happy if the rest of our break goes as well as it has so far!


☝️ yes, I was the mom who didn’t notice 1 child get in the car shoeless and the other in odd shoes 😂

2 thoughts on “Halfway there!

  1. I’m loving each blog more than the last. So interesting to read! 12 weeks of summer my idea of hell I don’t think I could cope at all that long! I’d need 12 weeks after to myself!! Looking forward to the next!


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