Back to School



Well the title says it all. This is the week. Our 12 weeks of summer are over once again. They have honestly been good. A lot of fun but also a lot of hard work and I still think they are at least 3 weeks too long!

Mumming full time to 3 kids that now have opinions, wants and attitudes is not easy and that’s without any of the issues I’ve had with Poppy. These 3 kids though as they grow they’re so loving, inquisitive, imaginative and eager to please that they can be an absolute pleasure when they want to be!

I find it amazing how our 3 can all be so different. The day of going into school will be a completely unique experience for each of them.

Poppy – heading into a new special school for her 6th year of full time education. Excited and ready but really having no clue where she is going on her 35 minute commute – on the school bus. No expectations of the school or her class.


Izzy – Onto 3rd grade. She realises this will be real school. A decent amount of responsibility and state testing for the 1st year of many. She’s heading in happy, confident and excited to meet new friends but I can tell she has a sense of uneasiness about how this year will go.


Leo – He’s undecided as to whether he wants to bother with school now! After longingly watching his sisters go into school every day he now thinks staying with mummy is a good option. When we moved to Florida I got an extra year with Leo. Children start at age 5 as opposed to 4 in the UK. Initially I was kind of disappointed I would be delayed my ‘freedom’ by a year but I am so grateful to have had his wonderful company for the extra time. Maybe it’s me who’s not sure he should bother with school!


New school year means a new routine. My do’s & don’ts:


  • I’ve decided in terms of extra curricular activities we will lay low until Autumn. Girls will cheer and attend brownies but nothing more. I feel like there will be a big adjustment period for each of them.
  • Set bedtimes with a story for both Leo & Poppy. I forgot the power of reading to a child with the late summer nights, both still need to be exposed to stories, words & letters
  • I will blow dry all 3’s hair after showers, mega task but hopefully prevent the wet hair tangles and tears in the morning
  • Take breakfast orders at bedtime – save me shouting up the stairs repeatedly trying to sort it
  • I’ll keep reminding the kids they are capable of making their own beds!!
  • Be strict with homework and leave time to actually be there helping. Izzy is really the only 1 that had homework so far and was self sufficient so I’d hover around but was always busy. They all need me there to encourage and help
  • Volunteer at both schools
  • Join Izzy & Leo once a month for their lunch – parents can go in any day and eat with their child. So cute but incredibly noisy!
  • Be as organised as possible to ensure a smooth morning. I’m talking shoes at door, bags packed etc


  • I will not set expectations of grand lunches by making butterflies out of cheese, ain’t gonna happen!
  • I will not be the last parent to pay for the field trip – Izzy was always left in a panic about this
  • Don’t miss a thing. I will be home for the next few months at least. All the events that sometimes to me, seem unimportant, mean the world to our kids I have no excuse to not be there
  • Don’t expect. I will keep an open mind and embrace where this academic year takes the kids

So we’ve done meet the teachers, taken in bags & bags of school supplies. Walked the corridors and classrooms of both schools, we’re ready to go!

All the kids are starting on different days so next week i will write about how their 1st days went.

5 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. As we discussed the other day, it is just yet another phase to embrace and enjoy. The joys of being the parent that is in charge of the organising. OnceLeo realises that some play is involved he will be fine. Homework might be tough though. Make the most of your first day of freedom. (You will have a bit of a heavy heart.) it’s just how it is love She xxx

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