Birthdays – Florida style



8. How did she turn 8 already??

Our Izzy, middle child, but so graciuoscly the big girl.

I was terrified being pregnant with Izzy, we had a toddler that was way behind in development and with a 15 month age gap I was not looking forward to what lay ahead.
Obviously the second she was born I was in love with her. She actually looked just like my mom and sister!


Izzy has and will be our saviour on many occasions. She helped drag Poppy up onto her feet, encouraged her to talk and supports her every way she can. I know sisters have a special bond but this is different. Izzy is like Poppy’s 2nd and more patient mum πŸ™‚
She also dotes on Leo and makes a great playmate even with his boy games or her barbie dolls!


☝️ posing till closing πŸ˜‚

Anyway enough of the soppy stuff, onto how we celebrated 8.

To start off presents, obviously at 6.20am. A good amount of gifts from justice and marshalls, a few $ tree and five below thrown in (I’m still working on a shopping blog!)

Onto huge Publix cupcake – our visitors know all about about the publix bakery. Crazy grandad in particular πŸ˜‰


Next hop on the golf cart to meet some friends and our #culdesaccrew at the pool. Swimming and floating around for a few hours.


After a quick lunch the kids all met up again in the cul de sac to play. These kids can’t resist each other and the mommas are happy they’re all occupied!


Then true Florida style a thunderstorm rolled in, expected as the ‘feels like’ temperature was 39.4c! We had a few hours inside the house. Izzy and leo playing on Izzy’s new tablet and Poppy unfortunately walking around panic stricken in ear defenders due to the incredibly loud thunder.

Luckily the storm left in time for us to head north for some dinner. We sat on the intracoastal at jax beach – safe harbour, then hopped over to a brewery- Engine 15. I will review both venues next week.

We then headed across the street for the kids to enjoy sunset on the beach. I told them they could paddle….

Obviously Izzy was still looking perfect!


All in all a pretty bloody good day 😁

5 thoughts on “Birthdays – Florida style

  1. Loving the Blog! Izzy reminds me so much of Ava, the way you describe her patience with her siblings. I’m so glad Izzy had a great bday, and we are happy to have been included in her day. 😘


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