Halloween!! πŸŽƒ

Now I can’t live in America and not include a blog about Halloween on my stateside page!

It is the beginning of the fun holiday season here. (My satellite radio has started christmas stations today – 1st Nov!)

The majority of October is all about fall and halloween. Especially the last week where there are a lot of activities, even school work is about pumpkins or spooks!

Last night was our 3rd Halloween here in Nocatee, Northeast Florida.

I did more DIY with our costumes than I ever have before, take a look at Leos amazing hat! There was also lots of input from the kids about what our family theme would be and who would be each character. They had fun deciding on and helping choose their ourfits.

I feel 2018 was a record in both sweets and adult beverages! Trick or treat here is so different to the Uk. Obviously its not dark, freezing and wet which makes it a much jollier occasion for everyone.

The houses are all done up with lights, figures, music and even projected film or animations. Every child from 0 to teens are out happily filling buckets with treats.

Its a great way to meet people in the community. Even houses without children dress up and sit on their driveways handing out treats.

Over here, adults are not left out. Some houses have a special mom & dad treat box. A few shots and beers were had last night along the way! What’s not to love about that?? Mystery shots πŸ˜€

The lead up to halloween always has plenty of activities and opportunities to dress up. My 3 like to switch it up with costumes.

The 2 activities we’ve done here and not in the uk are trunk or treat and haunted houses.

So trunk or treat is often done by schools and churches. Families park their cars and decorate the boot, or trunk. Then hand out their treats!

Haunted houses pop up around the communities. My kids have been too scared to try it out until this year when we went through the nocatee haunted house at splash…. watch if you dare!

This was just the tame little kid version.

I like how this year we had a halloween event for the ladies. The witches ride for charity was so much fun and is already in planning for 2019. Yay! Great excuse to get dressed up and shout “Come on witches” repeatedly 🀣

We do still miss the fun we had indoors at halloween back in the UK. Mainly because of the company we had doing it.

I’d definitely recommend that company come to us for Halloween now.

So till next year, already planning adult treats and even better 2020 is a Friday night!

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